Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Minute History: Legion of the Damned

Sergeant Centurius was a special "limited edition" miniature, thought to be sculpted by Jes Goodwin, released by Games Workshop during the opening of the 100th Games Workshop store, March 2nd and 3rd 1996, hence the name 'Centurius'. The rules and background for Sergeant Centurius were found in White Dwarf 195. The model is no longer available, and regularly sell for over $100 dollars when they become available. However, collectors should be wary of imitations and reproductions of this highly sought after mini.

Sergeant Centurius had similar stats to most Space Marine Captains of the time, with the huge exemption of his wargear, the Animus Malorum.

The Animus Malorum carried by Sergeant Centurius is an ancient relic taking the form of a skull whose eyes blaze with light when its power is unleashed. During the Psychic phase the power of the Animus Malorum may be targeted at a single enemy model within 12". You may use between 1 and 3 Force cards to power the skull. (Force cards were a product of 2nd edition which allowed you to increase or decrease the amount of power used by a psychic power which increased or decreased its effect) Roll a d6 for every Force card used. If the result is more than the target's Leadership value then its soul is sucked from its body- the model is dead regardless of wounds or armor. If the target is killed then you may ressurect a dead Legion of the Damned model, placed within normal unit coherency. This may not be used to increase the size of the unit beyond its original size. The power of the skull may be nullified like a psychic power, requiring a 4+ to successfully nullify.


  1. I love the history lessons! Awesome. Keep them coming.

  2. Ah, force cards. I miss them. The times when psychic powers belonged to races other than humans. Before Space Marines dragged those races into the ally and mugged them, walking out in the street high-fiving each other about the kool loot they received. Will have to break open my Dark Millennium box to revel in nostalgia.