Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Minute History: Titans Part 2

Soon after Mike’s association with Games Workshop ended John Richardson of Modesto, California and some other friends approached Games Workshop with a proposition. They asked GW for the right to reproduce Mike’s models and other new ones on a large scale production basis. GW agreed and gave them a license. They formed what we know of today as Forge World Models.

Mean while Tim Dupertuis, editor of ‘Inquisitor’ Magazine, approached GW and asked for the same rights and contract and got Mike to agree to work with him to refine and update the models. Tim formed a company called Armorcast, founded in 1995, still in existence today.
Armorcast produced:
Revised Eldar Knight Titan
Eldar Revenant Titan
Revised Eldar Phantom titan
Revised Eldar Tempest
Eldar Falcon
Revised Imperial Reaver Titan
Revised Imperial Warhound Titan
Imperial Super Detail Baneblade
Revised Imperial Baneblade /Shadowsword kit
Revised Imperial Baneblade
Revised Imperial Shadowsword
Tyranid Exocrine
Tyranid Haruspex
Tyranid Malefactor
Ork Great Gargant (pictured above)
Ork Battlewagon
Cannon of Khorne
Blood Cauldron of Khorne
Adeptus Mechanicus Symbol
Chaos Symbol
Armor cast Unreleased/Limited Release
Titan Chaos Tail
Titan Chaos Spikes and symbols
Ork Tank

So the companies which received copyright licenses from GW were, in order of appearance, Mike Biasi Studios, Epicast, Forge World Models, Armorcast. Each of these four manufacturers were located within 4 hours of each other in Northern California, USA. 

In Part 3, our final piece of titan history, we will look at some of the more recent history including some independent builders who were shut down by GW for Copyright infringement.

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