Saturday, February 19, 2011

All my friends love a lowrider: Part 3

All the elements have come together save one part; communications! So out came the hacksaw to remove the lasgun, add in a las pistol and chop up a Tau drone blaster thinger and add an antenna - and you have a long range handset for communicating with the HQ squads...

Here he is ready to receive orders to smite the foes of man. Also you can see that I modified the tracks by removing the far left section of the flotation bladder to make room for an additional road wheel. It looked a bit wonky and so in a fit of brilliance at 1 am it did fall to the might of the x-acto blade:

I decided that these guys would probably use the excuse of camouflage to put up some shade on the back of that tank. So here is the skeleton I put together for a cammo sun screen for the back:

I used a pin vice to use tiny plasticard rods to pin it into place:

Once mounted, I used regular white gauze, like you put on to cover wounds, then used my trusty glue spray bottle to stiffen it up: (the bottle contains regular tap water and emlers white glue, mixed to the consistency of milk - it goes on easy and clear, dries fast)

And once it was dry I painted in a base brown and added highlights to the cloth cover, you can also see the bags and fuel cans starting to get added, along with the tow cable on the front that I molded into position:

Above the shovel you can see the barrel of beer I added on top of the backpacks, from the Empire Men at Arms box:

And the front gunner is coming together now, the old school heavy bolter has been drilled and I think it helps to make this tank feel older, it took a lot of work to slowly bend that tow cable into position. You can also see the bags I placed in to the portion where the heavy bolter would normally be:

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