Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heavy Hitters: Part 1

It starts with me getting organized. Many are better painters, modelers, sculptors, but I know that I am better organized.The Bag pictured is filled with the 'tackle' boxes shown. Parts, tools, miniatures, it's all there in one 'tote bag of doom'!

I have had some 'inspiration' from our fellow bloggers and have returned to running Dark Angel lists instead of 'The Fallen' using the Space Wolf Codex.Let me explain what happened...

I was angry at the fact that when the change occurred from 4th edition to 5th that there was such a radical (in my mind) change to how different Space Marines and Dark Angels played. It was especially difficult for me to swallow that 'like' equipment in the hands of one marine worked vastly different then in my beloved Dark Angels hands. I even went so far as to write a 'fan-dex' bridging the two. Pissed is probably a better word but I tried to remain positive about things out of my control. I was a poor sport on some days.

Since that time until roughly six months ago, I used the Dark Angel codex. It could do things, win a few, lose a lot, but with every new book regardless of 'side' it became clear that the codex was not on an even playing field. So one cloudy, rainy day, I made my first Space Wolf list (The Fallen) and built some models to use them as a count-as army. I did it not to win at all costs but to be on an even playing field. My reasons are a big difference between myself and why some people play and is a very important thing about my character. I like to be competitive and the Dark Angel Codex combined with my skills left me losing nine times out of ten or more due to the exploitation and limits of the book. It wasn't fun after two years of being loyal.

Several weeks ago an update appeared on Games-Workshop's site and after ten miles of bad detour road the Dark Angels had remembered how to save lives with Apothecaries and use Storm Shields properly instead of platters for their enemies.

Tallarn and I talk every few days or so like friends do and he linked me to Hidden in the Warp. The fellow over there has built and is testing a Dark Angels list that I found very inviting. I'm stealing it from him with the best of intentions! I have most of the models built but need a few veterans with special gear to join the ranks of the 'Ironwing'. (The name of my own Dark Angels Successor Chapter)

After not feeling well and finally taking a day off from work I was able to get some quality time with the hobby. I typically put in one of my favorite movies (300, Star Trek, Shrek the Final Chapter) and build or paint.

I have to build terminators with cyclone missile launchers, thunder hammers, storm shields, and an apothecary maxed out with all the equipment. His name will be Apothecary Akiel and this is the beginning of his 'tools' of the trade.

I intend on adding a 'drill' soon by either putty or bit and the thunder hammer and storm shield will be on opposing hand. I also have some equipment from the actual power armor apothecary that I'm filing down to fit at the waist of the model. More in a day or two...

Enjoy the pictures, comments are always welcomed in this corner,


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