Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heavy Hitter's: Part 2

Apothecary Akiel is a complicated model. The rules make him a monster in close combat, shooting, and the ability to fend off attacks... in a word... unstoppable!

Building Akiel is another matter.

I looked at other models online before I started to convert and most of them just keep it simple with only the 'coloring' denoting him as a healer. I wanted more then paint on Akiel but he looks like some 'techmarine' rather then the apothecary/super warrior he is suppose to represent. I'm also a closet fan of WYSIWYG.

I was thankfull that I got the 'waist' off the power aromoured apothecary and fitted on the back of the terminator armour. It actually went easier then I expected and turned out pretty cool to add some 'junk' in the trunk of the heavy suit.

I did the arm a second time because the first looked just too big and bulky. I was going for 'medic' and got 'mechanic' with the first arm. I hope now I can do the paint job justice.

I'll be in some corner if you need me,



  1. I think you should use the inside of that storm shield for the apothecary bits and bobbles, reason being is if you are going to pull gene seed outta somebody you need to be able to get to it quickly. Also, having on the inside of the shield gives you a portable barrier to flop down between you and the flashlights while you work.

    My two cents.

  2. What bits did you end up using for the Cyclone Missile Launcher?

  3. Consadine - I used actuall CML bits after two, count'em two disasterous attempts at kit bashing. I traded some commander bits for them locally.

    How bad were they... I threw them away. I typically keep failures in a box to give away but these were bad. Waaay bad... as in... Who the heck built these!?

    Tallarn - I know what you are saying about the bits and putting them on or behind the shield.

    I'm trying to figure how to make my own 'tubes' to hold the 'chapters due' because I really think his extraction tool and the tubes are what makes him... well, an apothecary.