Friday, March 11, 2011

Observation: The Dreadful Dread Knight

For those of you returning from your mission to the moon recently, there is some big news: Games Workshop put up the advance orders along with pictures of the new miniatures for Grey Knights. First of all let me congratulate Games Workshop on the Terminators and the regular Grey Knights in power armor - they are brilliant. The heavy weapon guy with the triple barrel is pure brilliance and overall they are outstanding, so beautifully done that I have been convinced to purchase a squad just to build and paint regardless of whether or not I can play it. That being said, what in the name of all that is holy were they thinking with the 'Dread Knight'?

Seriously, the Wachowski brothers just called and said they will meet your ransom demands for their special effects guy. Just make sure he brings some fresh Guinness with him on his way back across the pond once payment clears.

Who's that on call waiting? Oh - its James Cameron and he wants his royalty checks sent to his home in Miami, its cold in Hollywood these days.

Seriously guys, to put so much effort into remaking a faction that has so much potential only to bolo it on the newest unit introduction in the codex? I know there will be people who disagree with me *shocking - I know* but look at that thing! Lets not even talk about the height on it and the fact that it will be an absolute bullet magnet on the battlefield as everyone will have line of sight to Gigantor on the first turn. Picking out the gigantic shiny metal eyesore on the battlefield will be a no brainer for most people on the first turn.

So congratulations on the great new Terminators and Power armor clad Grey Knights, they are lovely beyond my expectations. However, your complete lack of an original thought on the Dread Knight is an inexcusable bit of sheer laziness.


  1. Yeah, the Dread Knight doesn't really inspire all that much terror or love in me. Granted I wasn't enthused about it even before the model came out, but really... putting the pilot RIGHT IN FRONT? Without armor around him? Oy...

  2. Indeed max, it seems he even left his helmet @ home.

    The best thought I've heard on this monstrosity is to maybe use it as base for a 40k scale epic knight.