Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sentinels: Custom Bases and Paint

Another week, another small update: Sentinels are complete with basic paint job, nothing fancy just the basics. Highlights and shading await next week, yippie!

Yes that's a Tallarn heavy weapon gunner in that scout variant, I use the metal heavy weapon gunners for lots of things in my army, on to the front:

The Side:

The Back: where you can see all the wacky reconstruction I had to do, one of those had a multi-melta trimmed and jammed into the under carriage to fill out where a part was missing… and the rerouted pipes on the multi laser one cause the other pipes were missing, apparently missing parts come with the territory when you gamble on garage sale mini's for 5 bucks from a little old lady down the way.

Here is a close up of one with the base, you can see how the edge turned out. The foot of the sentinel is on top of that battlesuit back…

Bases turned out pretty good, look almost... professional, kinda. Well not really, but I tried! Casting is not as easy as it looks, take time and read how other people do it and use quality stuff before you start, like silicone instead of rubber, it will save you time and headaches. I'm glad I tried doing the bases, next week ill get the paint done and some custom decals made.



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