Saturday, May 21, 2011

House Esher: Hardened Veterans Part 2

Work on the conscripted Esher gangers continues in the forges of Tallarn. Bringing out the full character of the Sergeant and her powerfist is important on this mini I think, the positioning was critical to getting her running forward pose to look plausible, now I need to match that modeling effort with an equal amount of paint:  

On the Grenade Launcher’s Belt I spent a lot of time in much the same method as the fist, I wanted to bring out highlights and texture more than I usually do. Im very happy with how this belt came out, much more detail than I usually do, but im sure some people would consider it basic painting standards.

The side by side shots are a bit better this time, on the Veteran Sergeant I have shaded in her bandana and added color to her shin guards. The backpack is still a work in progress; I haven’t decided what direction I want to go with it! If you notice on the back I used her hair and re-textured it to look like the power cord going into the power fist…

On the grenade Launcher I have finished her bandana/scarf and inked the leggings to add some depth, also her belt of course! My next project on her will be using some filler to complete the transition from the lasgun to the grenade launcher parts… joy!

All in all the work continues on the squad, with spring in full swing there are many more distractions than there were previously, mowing the yard, trimming the landscape and all manner of other things that never really occurred in the desert... Living in a 'normal' climate again does have its getting used to!

still practicing_


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  1. Very nicely done mate, there be some good high lighting there. And i like the conversion work. Well done well impressed.