Saturday, May 28, 2011

Imperial Guard Army List: SPOCON

SPOCON is an annual shindig here in the Inland Northwest much like other annual conventions held around the country. It’s a SCI-FI / Fantasy event featuring gaming, comics, quest speakers, a writing contest and other accoutrements of general geekdom. Of course there will be a tournament for 40k players featuring an ‘Adepticon’ style unique missions and game play married to a NOVA style scoring system for overall champion with points for painting, sportsman ship and gaming.
Badges, every gamer loves badges.

The tournament will be played on Saturday August 13th with the highest scoring 8 players invited back for the finals on Sunday. Obviously the forces of Tallarn will be mustered for this event in my own backyard. Knowing that the event was going to use some of the tricksey mission formats from Adepticon I chose to put in two mobile HQ units the help with any odd situation that might come up:  
Company Command Squad, 3x Plasma Gun, Medic, Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer

Company Command Squad, 4x Meltagun, Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer

Platoon Command Squad, 4x Flamers

3x Infantry Squad, Melta Gun

2x Fire Support Squad, Autocannons

2x Hardened Veteran Squads, 3x Meltaguns, Valkyrie, Multilaser, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Hellhound, Hull Multi-Melta

2x Leman Russ Demolisher, Hull Heavy Flamer

2x Hydra Flak Tanks in Squadron

Total 1750 points.

Now, I know what you are thinking: 'Holy crap where are all the melta vets! All IG players must must must use mecha-melta-vets to be successful!' Eh, I can't figure out how to use them well - so I am going back to what I know. Back in 4th edition when IG was 'teh suck' I was pretty successful with armored fist squads with dismounted platoons. This list is a throw back to that and suits me pretty well.

In my games versus Grey Knights last weekend the fire support squads were hit and miss, as were the Hydras so I am undecided about them. I know I want one fire support squad, the questiosn is do I want two? The Hydra's are great fun but because of the two Demolisher's, the Hydra's must be squadroned up which limits them slightly. I don't really want to base my decisions using two games againts Grey Kights because against 'Nids and such the autocannons will come in handy I think.

In playing over the last few months, and failing to crack the code on 'mecha-melta-vets' I have decided that players need to stick with what works for them and the hybrid lists work for me. Just need to get it tuned up in time!

still practicing_



  1. If you play vs Eldar or Dark eldar you'll be pleased to have the autocannons, also if you drop too much armour you give their anti armour no choices about what to shoot, meaning they always make the right choice.

  2. I meant the hydra autocannons! (No flat out cover saves rule rules!) Actually with the storm raven, valkyrie, etc. seeing more play the hydra might just be king!

  3. @Crosser, yes the Hydra would be nice against any flyers, im just contemplating going 3x Demolisher to really give my opponets fits.

    Lots to consider, but this list suits me fairly well so far.