Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Modeling: Special Weapon Grips!

Imperial Guard special weapon arms; nothing brings more frustration and irritation to the mind of an Imperial Guard player. The arms never line up correctly with the weapon, they don't give you the right pose or position and they will always frustrate you, leaving your fingers stuck together with super glue - until now... 

The dreaded gap!

Sometimes you want your guys running forward, flamer at the ready, prepared to douse your enemies in the cleansing fires of absolution. The special weapon arms were simply not designed for that. They were designed for the weapon to be across the torso from right to left, not pointing forward in 'Rambo action pose'. So you trim the shoulder out a bit and get that weapon pointing toward the enemy instead of the guy to the left of him and now suddenly you have a gap between the hand and the weapon. What to do, what to do indeed. The solution was so simple I kicked myself for not figuring it out sooner - run your pin through the hand and into the weapon. The pin I use is typically a paper clip, so I simply drilled through the hand and vio-la! The pin keeps the weapon and arm together, acts as the new hand grip and it easy to do:

Simply cut off the end of the paperclip (or whatever you use for pinning), prime, highlight and off he goes to purge the impure. Of course our guy below needs a bit more paint work, but at least the weapon is done! (and you get the idea)

Hope it helps!


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