Monday, May 16, 2011

The old King is dead, long live the King!

Blogging, gaming, hobby and life are all constantly evolving. Change is constant and when we stop evolving we are either dead or already dying. ‘Flashlights of Fury’ was born of necessity as a creative outlet when I decided to leave the world of forums; it was created quickly and without a lot of thought. More successful, entertaining and eye opening that I ever anticipated it quickly became evident that I would need a more permanent home that would more accurately reflect my continuing evolution.

After careful deliberation and thought the concept of ‘still practicing’ became a very real manifestation of what the hobby really is for me. I will always try new things, float out new concepts and learn from others. In a very real and personal way I will always be practicing and never really reaching a tangible ‘conclusion’. Even the skin of this new blog represents an evolution in blogging for me because I created this template and put the standard blogger templates behind me.

Will the general ideas, flow and content on this blog change? No not really; but this skin, title and idea feel more like home. Lo it came to pass that the chapter on ‘Flashlights of Fury’ came to a close and the next chapter of ‘still practicing’ began.

keep practicing,



  1. ... each day in some sort of small defiance to the monsters that had brought this all to pass. - excerpt from the boy Kellen's journel

    I like the look of this corner, I think I'll stay.