Wednesday, June 22, 2011

House Esher: Hardened Veterans Part 4

Well the squad is finally done! 3 coats of matte finish and now the complete pictures. There are 16 total Hardened Veterans that I converted from an old House Escher Gang, and wouldn’t you now it, I just found 3 more laying in another box. Maybe ill get those done after the autocannon updates, the demolisher, the valkyrie and everything else in the que!

 So for the breakdown:

1 Veteran Sergeant with Power Fist and Laspistol
2 Heavy Stubbers; can use then as auto cannons or heavy bolters if I need too
1 Heavy Plasma Cannon; using this as a regular plasma gun
1 Grenade Launcher, converted from a lasgun
1 Sniper Rifle, a long barrel lasgun in case I use light infantry I can add it
1 Lasgun with Voxcaster, I used the old school metal backpack for that one
1 Shotgun
1 Autogun and Pistol, can use it ‘as’ lasgun or shotgun
7 Lasguns

I took three of the girls that I did conversions on and gave them a close up front and back shot to give you a feel for the personality of the entire squad. Every member of the squad is converted in some way, most of them had their hair ground down and bandana’s added to give them each some personality; instead of all the same. There really are no two mini’s exactly alike in this squad, which was difficult when dealing with only 3 basic lasgun troopers:

And a shot of their backs:

Here is the final group shot:

The shot of the heavy and special weapons. Note the extended barrel on the 'sniper rifle'.

The shot of the lasgun troopers:

Lastly we have the ‘Command Section’ with the Sergeant, Voxcaster, shotgun, autogun and ‘JW’ (the one with the cowboy hat).

Overall this has been an enjoyable project and I am happy with the result. The bonus has been that I can use this squad in 40k and Necromunda. (I already played a game of Necromunda with them the other day on the kitchen table) I really like that it adds some character to my Desert Raider army on the tabletop, so far the feedback has been positive from opponents that have faced them.

still practicing_


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