Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gaming: Monthly Tourney Time!

One of the local gaming shops has been running some monthly tournaments and this months was a primer for the upcoming large tournament at SPOCON. The TO (tournament organizer) for this one (Winterman) is the same guy who will be doing the SPOCON tourney and he used the scenarios he has been working on for the big tournament.

One of the armies, pictured above, was a Dark Adeptus Mechanicus force with some crazy conversions. You can find a much larger library of pictures of JT's Dark Mechanicus Army right here! He was also featured on the GW North America website with it. Here is a close up of two of his objective markers (yes, that is the Space Hulk servo thing messing with skulls in a pool of goo!):

Another great army of Chaos stuff had an awesome paint job and an awesome idea for a display base. Instead of making one large display base, the owner used many small sections that everything fit on. Together it made quite the display!

A close up of the 'knorne section', give a good idea how he did the independent section bases for his display:

There were many well done armies at the tourney and all were very fun to play against, here are a squad of my veterans trying to take out a Herald of Tzeentch, this was my first time playing Daemons and I won't make the mistake of wasting a squad on one of these guys again! However, the conversion is great and offers a few excellent ideas. That 'parapet' with the rouge psyker is excellent!

My final opponent played a Nurgle army, plague marines are incredibly resilient and this squad marched right up the middle taking tons of fire and even getting into close combat with the command chimera before being cut down. (I quite literally had two squads of auto cannons and two hydra's fire full auto into these guys for almost four entire turns!)

Overall it was a great day with many great opponents with excellent armies. I won't bore you with the details of wins and losses (I got beaten up with 1 loss, 1 draw and 1 victory) but needless to say it was three very interesting missions and three great games with great players. An excellent day indeed!

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