Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Space Wolves: Army List 1850

Awhile back I brought my old Space Wolf army out of cold storage and started bouncing around some army list ideas. After some great suggestions, some thinking, some testing and some drinking - I have arrived at what I am going to affectionately call a 'mini star' list. The point of the mini star is to be able to go toe to toe with a great many things and overwhelm with redundancy and power. This is not a 'Death Star' that can wade in where angels fear to tread and punch you in the face. A mini star still requires a good bit of finesse and patience for proper execution and while this list will forgive a few minor mistakes, major mistakes will have catastrophic consequences.

Grey Hunters at Magnir's Crag - Games Workshop

2 Packs of the following:
++ 8 Grey Hunters 1/melta, 1/standard, 1/powerfist
++ Wolf Guard w/ combi melta and powerfist
++ Rune Priest w/ Wolf Tooth Necklace
++ Rhino

3 Packs of the following:
++ 9 Grey Hunters 1/melta, 1/standard, 1/powerfist
++ Wolf Guard w/ combi melta and powerfist
++ Rhino

2 Packs of the following:
++ 6 Longfangs 5/missile launchers
++ Razorback Twin Linked Heavy Bolters

All this leaves me with 35 points to spare and I have no idea where to put it. Getting the extra power fists in all the squads caused me to drop the Lascannon / Twin Linked Plasma on the Razorbacks and the Runic armor on the Wolf Priests, but I think the power fists are worth it in the squads. Overall this is a very redundant list with plenty of power to control the mid field, and most importantly - it suits my style.

Any suggestions on those last 35 points, or any or ideas?

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  1. First things first... you can't have two wolf priests the same. The codex is specific on this. So give one of them melta bombs and be done with it or remove the wolf tooth necklace from one.

    Second... I think your points are wrong. I'm going over it on army builder and it seems you are under with this list by 70 points with me taking a wolf tooth necklace from one of the wolf prists.

    If you don't want to change the list then give one of those long fangs a las/plas razorback instead of the heavy bolter option. 35 points, keeps a hull, and gives you a lascannon and twin linked plasma or twin linked lascannons. It's your choice in the weapon in this case.

    You need to take a rune priest instead of a wolf prist. Here's why...

    - Lash armies will lash you at will and move you closer to their advantage or move your long fangs.

    - Grey Knights Henchmen armies ususally rely upon powers you will need to nullify. Those tears of orphans are bad enough without giving them a 'gimmi'!

    If I'm right about the points then you need to invest in a speeder. 50 points gets you the hull and then 10 points gets you a multi-melta. It gives you options right from the begining of deployment.

    If you drop one grey hunter unit get another speeder and kit it like the one mentioned above.

    Ahhh... still looking for that George Washington you seem to think I have....

    I'll be back later...


  2. Ooops! That is my fault, those are Rune Priests not Wolf Priests, sorry about that - fixed now!

  3. point still stands about the 2 priests being the same though, you cannot have two (or more) characters with the same setup. As the Captain said, even a slight wargear addition to one will fix it. You could drop the rhino's from two of the non-HQ packs for more speeder points, after all the Typhoon is the speeder you want, two of them with multi meltas is just win!

  4. I will give one of them melta bombs then, and name him Kellen.

    What about dropping the transports for the longfangs?

  5. Pat,

    I'd take rhino's to keep the hulls for blocking/channeling purposes and see if you can squeeze in a speeder with a melta.

    Being able to drop one or two or turbo boost and get a good side shot is just too good. Even if you only have one and it turbo boosts to a juicy targetm your enemy has to shoot at it or take a beating on an important vehicle. It could be removed quickly but I think that someone is going to need at least a couple of shots with the +4 cover it gets from boosting meaning it ain't shooting at other stuff.