Monday, August 29, 2011

Grey Knights: The New Leaf Blower!

So a Grey Knight army won the NOVA invitational, congratulations to the Winner of the invitational tournament go to Nick Nanavati who managed to use his own cunning, tactical strategy and skill to design a list and play it well enough to win the tournament!   The finals of the open tournament also feature another Grey Knights army that was ground to bitz by the juggernaut that is Tony Kopach; the wunderkind who won last years open and this years Adepticon at just 17 years of age. So now with all the data mining from the 'ard Boyz and now the NOVA tournaments we can finally stick a fork in the Imperial Guard auto-win mythos, once and for all, right? Now that Grey Knight are racking up win after win and laying waste to all that stand in their way, we know they are the new kings of the hill and we can all begin constructing our very own internet auto win kill lists! Right!?

Grey Knights are the new Bieber!

So let's take a look at his Grey Knights internet auto-win list:

HQ: Practice

Elites: Patience

Troops: Luck

Fast Attack: Strategy

Heavy Support: Terrain

Holy crap, he had Terrain as his heavy support! Oh my gosh, nobody ever takes terrain as their heavy support, its way too expensive and never gets its points back. Terrible choice taking terrain, but somehow he made it work. Luck? What kind of a troop choice is that! You can't mathhammer luck, how am I supposed to account for that, rubbish I say taking luck like that. Practice as his HQ! No way, really? Practice? You don't need practice when you can read forums and blogs all day long, practice is for chumps.

What are all those new Dark Eldar players going to do now? I guess its ok because alot of them still haven't painted a single mini yet, they can just be sold on eBay. But who will buy them? Everyone already knows that Grey Knights are the new king of the hill...  

what was that list again, lemme write that down...

still practicing_



  1. @Mars, I put alot of time, effort and play testing into that list!

    @Danny, welcome to the house of contrarian thoughts! Great coverage you got up about the NOVA, sorry to read about the flight situation tho…

  2. Tallarn, new reader and have to say I love your style. "Holy crap, he had Terrain as his heavy support!" That's gold. Thanks for the entertainment.