Monday, September 19, 2011

5 Minute History: MY Storm Troopers!

Storm Troopers arrived on the scene in 1996 with the release of the 2nd edition codex. With their foppish little barrettes, horrible faces and single pose they were a dream for hobbyists, or not.  My Storm Troopers have always been a command squad for at least 3 paint jobs that I remember.

Games Workshop - Used without permission (I asked but never got a reply!)

Their first paint job in 1998, this one lasted until they were stripped and repainted 8 years later. Heavy use of inks and bland color choices:

This was the second paint job they got in 2006, they kept this paint job for five whole years! I didn't ink them this time as I had in the past, I changed the boots to have the small 'leggings' on the top (white band) and I redid the plasma and backpack effects:

Then they were stripped again this summer (2011) and received a new paint job, along with two new plasma gunners in the squad. Additionally the ammo bearer for the heavy weapon, who was long ago conscripted as the squads medic, finally had that ammo magazine stripped off so I could fit him with a proper aid bag.

 The completed squad front (stubble on the Company Commander):

(Click for higher resolution)
And the back (where you can see the medic bag):

(Click for higher resolution)
And because im a giver, and if you have made it this far you deserve it, here is another kind of Storm Trooper. Although not made by Games Workshop.

still practicing_ (even if it means painting the same squad three times!)



  1. where do i sign up?

    i like those old models, but only from a nostagial perspective. objectively, they are pretty horrible...

  2. lol, yes - in terms of today's sculpts they are horrible. But at this point with all plastics, failcast and what not, its nice to have a command squad that feels like a hunk of metal!