Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dystopian Wars: Something Different

When I first walked into the local game store the owner, who's name and location I leave out to protect the innocent, was playing a game with some odd little ships on a table. He was quite excited about the game and even though it was the first time he had ever seen me, he enthusiastically tried to show me what it was all about. Despite all his enthusiasm I was immediately turned off by the ridiculous paddle wheels on the side of the 'American' ships. The theme, mechanics and background were completely irrelevant to me because of those god forsaken paddle wheels. Yes, those gigantic things on the side of this aircraft carrier are paddle wheels.

Fast forward a few months and I have quietly kept my eye on the game, wondering why I keep seeing it popping up and staying disinterested in the game due to my perception of the miniatures. Then this week I came upon something interesting on my favorite hobby forum (click image for super close up view):

Apparently this is the new battleship for the upcoming French fleet, so far this is the only miniature they have released for the French fleet, due to be out later this year. Now exempting the fact that its French, this is an awesome ship. Her lines above the water line are very reminiscent of WWI dreadnoughts, something missing in all the other fleets. (Paddle wheels, seriously?) Looking at this mini I really don't care what the rules or mechanics are, I want it. I want a fleet of them pounding paddle wheels into oblivion. Oh, did I mention that it can fly? Yes, I am going to make my freaking battleship float over you and drop scunion from above, if the battleship can do it, I'm sure the rest of the fleet can. Get ready for some high altitude hijinks while my French fleet brings delicious toast and fries to your door.

I went to the hobby store yesterday to buy the rules, but they were out. I will be buying the rules soon and starting to get acquainted with them while I wait for the rest of the French fleet to be released. Its amazing that one mini could change my mind about an entire gaming system, I guess it shows what a great sculpt can do for a game.

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  1. I haveoohed and ahhed over this game.

  2. I picked up the rules yesterday and have been giving them a look. Most of the ships are fairly evenly matched with a few tweaks here and there, but it all appears to be fairly consistent.