Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Planetary Empires: Round Two Battle (part 1)

Each round of the campaign lasts for two weeks as all of us in the campaign have real world commitments that limit our gaming time. We meet up when we can but its very rare to see everyone in the same room at once. So for this round I managed to get in two games, one each week, against the lone Tyranid player and a Marine player using Salamanders. My first game for this round would be against the bugs and my opponent had been making a mess of the other players winning his first few games as I had. Due to the amount of tiles I had compared to him and his additional manufactorium he went in to the battle with 100 additional points, so I would start the battle already with a handicap. Campaign note: Winning territories in Planetary Empires can good and bad, select your tiles carefully because different tiles do different things and greatly effect what you can bring to the table for games; as I learned this week!

The gribbly little bastards all lined up!

 My opponent had basically a 'mirror' list, each side of his battle line had a unit of gargoyles, hive guard with blasters and termigaunts followed by a Tervigon. In the middle he had biovores and some evil gribbly things that took a crap ton of shooting; venom thingers if I remember correctly. His plan, like mine was pretty simple; beat face. I like it. So I deployed heavy to the left side trying to pummel them into submission and collapse that flank so I could then deal with the right flank. Because of the crazy planet terrain for this round those two tree stands in front of his army counted as completely blocking line of sight and impassible terrain. So i basically funneled him into three separate lanes that I could use to bottle him up and take him bit by bit.

Bug press forward on the right flank!
I held one squad of Grey Hunters on the right side to basically tie this spearhead up long enough for the other three squads on the left side to break the right side of the army and then move into whatever remained of the left side. What I didn't count on, and neither did my opponent, was the effectiveness of JOTWW. By the time I took this picture, at the bottom of the second turn, I had already killed the Tervigon on the left flank, who's spearhead was now collapsing, and the Rune Priest was in position to pop the remaining Tervigon (pictured above) at the top of the third. Once that Tervigon died the Termigaunts broke along with the warriors and fell back into the remaining Space Wolves that were finishing off the left flank of the army.

Spece Wolves beating face!
With both Tervigons dead the wolves pushed through the center and proceeded to mop up the remaining bugs. The Long Fangs (way in the back corner) continued to use long range krak missiles to soften up the big gribbly things (right above the biovore) from range while the Grey Hunters closed in. The Rune Priest and his squad joined the lead Grey Hunter pack and hilarity ensued as the ganuts, gargoyoles and warriors put an unholy hurting on my packs as we mopped them up. At the start of turn 5 this was all that remained:

That is the remains of three full Grey Hunter packs and the Venerable Dreadnought they drug along for the fun. But 1600 points of bugs were erased by turn 5 and we lost none of our long fangs and still had another squad of Grey Hunters waiting on the right flank for the assault wave that never made it thanks to the Rune Priest and his JOTWW.

Tomorrow the second game for this round: Salamanders!

still practicing_


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