Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Planetary Empires: Round Two Conquest

With round two coming to an end I again had three wins under my belt. (Mars agreed to play again right before the conquest rolls happened) With three conquest rolls to make I had to try and gain the final two tiles I needed so that I could try and wrap up the campaign in round three. I needed another tile in the center of the board so I could have better rolls against the other players, in Planetary Empires having a tile adjacent to your target increases your odds of taking the tile. With my first roll I went for the space port of the Tyranid player because it sat in the middle of the northern portion of the board and would give me access to everyone else. With my first roll I seized the spaceport and gained my 9th tile, you need 10 to meet the first campaign victory condition, so I had established my foothold in another portion of the board.  Unfortunately for me the foothold didn't help as I failed my next two conquest rolls miserably and stayed at nine tiles, DOH!

Photo from Mars Project Blog

As you can see in the picture above, the planet is now trying to freeze us out. Too bad we Space Puppies like the cold!

After two seasons of fighting Belsbeth II seems to be rapidly being brought into Imperial compliance. As the Emperor's Angels of Death seek to shore up control of the planet bitter and harsh blizzards begin to bury the plant the planetscape in thick drifts of clinging snow.

As the dismal weather obscures the battlefield, some of the invaders know it is now or never, else Belsbeth II becomes yet another Imperial world.


At the beginning of the game roll a d6. A roll of "1" means the Night Fight rule is in effect for the first turn. On a roll of 5+ turn five and all successive turns use the Night Fight special rule. This is addition to any mission rules that use Night Fight.

Last Push

Any non-Space Marine player may reroll the die used to determine the end of the game in any mission with random game length.

Strange Bedfellows

Any victory gained from playing a team game will result in a +1 to the conquest roll. This bonus can be obtained multiple times,but cannot be applied more than once to any one roll.

This should be the last round. Make sure that if you didn't play last round to get in one game over the next two weeks so you get your prize for finishing. Some of the players already have theirs, so you can see their fancy swag.

1500- 2,000 points
Book Missions
Battle Missions
Other Missions so long as both players approve.

Looks like the campaign is wrapping up and I have little time left to pull the rug out from under Mars to win this thing! Good thing my Wolf packs are getting some incredible Veteran Abilities: 

Grey Hunter Pack Runolfr: Fearless, Feel No Pain, Hit & Run

Grey Hunter Pack Agnarr: Feel No Pain, Hit & Run

Long Fang Pack Hrothgar: Relentless, Fearless, Tank Hunters, Acute Senses

Dreadnought Kyrja: +1 AV, +1 BS

Next I get to face more Marines with a Terminator squad that has Hit & Run as well as Feel No Pain... great...

still practicing_


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