Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project Complete: Vindicator... of Dewm!

I finished up this Vanquisher awhile ago, all that is left to do is a new tank commander for it, but thanks to the magnets I installed - that will be easy. Also, im trying to decide on how to do the tank commander in the first place, I have a feeling there will be a metal Desert Raider chopped in half - but that will be for another time! The side is fairly simple, just a bag on top of the sponson and the drag chain bent slightly to rest under the sponson. I cut off the co-ax heavy stubber from the kit and put in a standard heavy stubber next to the vanquisher barrel, this removed the Death Korps feel of the turret. Also, this gives the shot of that extra armor on the side:

 Alot going on in this picture! I added slope to the back storage box with some thick square plastruct and then sanded them down to make the box level, this created the space I needed to put on the extra fuel tank. Because the cannon is so long and does not elevate, everything needed to be below 'tube level' or I wouldn't be able to remove the turret, and because I have magnetized the demolisher turret that came with it, I needed to be able to get the turret off! Also, you can see that I shaved an old russ storage rack and got it into place to the right of the engine compartment, this chassis is a new demolisher chassis and the new kits dont have that back storage place. Once it was put into place the bag and water cans slid right in. Also you can see how I squeezed a shovel and pick into place on top of the left sponson.

You can see the squadron markings on the barrel, couldn't do them on the hull because of the extra armor, although I did think about putting the squadron markings under the extra armor - I decided that on the barrel looked better. And lastly - you can see the smoke launchers I rigged in place on the sides of the Siege Shield. Because of the Rhino headlights and the long barrel there was no place to put them that didn't interfere with something. SO, I cut off all the round canisters from the smoke launchers and then built a simple bracket for them from sheets of plastruct. You can see a set right next to the word 'make' - simple and easy conversion that makes sense and will look different than anything else out there.

Yes, the heavy bolters are red!

I wanted to bring out the texture on the extra armour a bit more, but I didn't get the tiles I wanted (i wanted the tiles that are about 2x bigger then the ones I got) and getting all the low lights in those cracks became tedious, so there you have it!Our little skeleton fought bravely as Commander Pask in a team tournament a few weeks ago, and did quite well bringing home the favorite army honors!

still practicing_



  1. Nice. I think my favourite bit's the siege shield though, that's a nice Standard Template Construct touch there...

  2. thanks Von, im glad you liked it! it was really quite fun to put together, even though I have only used it once in battle