Monday, July 30, 2012

Modeling: Autocannon Rebuild

Offering a new take on an old weapon, im bringing my 2nd edition metal Tallarn Autocannons into the 41st millennium. Here is where we started straight from the Games Workshop website:

Used without permission (cause they don't answer email)

Note the small wheels and general silliness of the model, good then (1994) - sad now (2012).

Now here is where we are going (yes those are my first two part casts):

Essentially the only thing required for the conversion was adding the larger wheels. I used plasti-struct rod in the center of the wheels (which may or may not have been cast from a certain green skin large gun kit) and then drilled a hole in that to pin it to the lower gun chassis with. Here are the component parts for my second set while they were still in production:

Here is a finished set:

The only real modification to the guns was sliding the Autocannon slightly forward in the carriage and getting the gun shield in the right place. Is it a small conversion, yes. Is it an important one - I think so.

still practicing_ (one small conversion at a time)


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  1. They look great. Normally, I might say they were a bit wide for such a small gun, but it is heroic scale, and wider tires will help them roll it on sand and mud.