Monday, July 2, 2012

TFM: My Assault on Assault on Black Reach Part 16

With this weekend's release of the rulebook, I figured it was only a matter of time before the starter set follows. If I am going to meet my goal, something seldom achieved in the flight-of-fancy, army de jour, painting lifestyle of mine, I needed to get after it. All that stands between myself and the finish line is a dreadnought. So I started to take a swing at it.

I like dreadnoughts a lot. Always have. This little snap-tight guy is no exception. As a larger piece for the hypothetical army I will one day possess, I cheated a little from the original intent, which was to just paint up the AoBR set in Dark Angels colors. Using a few pieces of the Dark Angels chapter upgrade sprue made this guy Dark Angely enough for me.

I also didn't want this revered brother to look like he had just walked off the showroom floor. I am not a huge fan of weathering on Space Marine vehicles, not because of execution, but because everything about them is maintained and meticulous. I refuse to believe the tech marines don't slap a fresh coat of paint on between engagements. But without the weathering the vehicles do tend to flatten out a little. So the happy medium for this guy was a little bit of chipping. Like he has taken a few dings since he got his paint done, but not so much as to seem like he has been involved in an extremely prolonged engagement like Piscina or something.

Just a few more colors yet to finish and the project will be done. Longest friggin time to paint 17 models I know...

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  1. Looking good! It didn't take a lot of bling to bring his Dark Angel self to the surface.

  2. @Magnus- Thanks much! I just needed to let him know it was OK to be a Dark Angel. Reassure him that the jibes and "dork angel" comments from some other contributors to this blog come from a jealous and insecure place.