Monday, December 10, 2012

Hobby: Priming and Airbrush Trick

Very simple tricks are almost always the most useful. While painting my mini's before I base them I generally place the pins in the feet and then use corks from wine bottles to hold them in. I just find it easier to paint them with the ability to remove them from their 'holder' before I base them. Another benefit to doing it this way is when using an airbrush or priming.

I always use a flat piece of cardboard to spray against when painting, the last thing painted on this one was drop pods as you can still see the outline. I set my wine cork on the cardboard and run a paper clip through like so:

Bring out the end and curl it around on the bottom of the cardboard to hold it in place like so:

Now use the pins on your models feet to hold him in place on the cork:

You can even stand it up sideways:

Like I said, very easy to use trick that is pretty useful for the way I paint but might not be helpful for everyone. But it might give you an idea or two about how to change things you already do to make it easier for you.

still practicing_



  1. Tallarn, I just picked up an airbrush. Bought about 80$ of paints and stuff have yet to use the airbrush. Perhaps later tonight or tomorrow. Considering diving right in and airbrushing the chaos cultists from the dark vengeance boxset instead of practicing on paper.

    Any tips for someone new to airbrushing?

  2. I use isopropyl alcohol for thinning down my paints prior to application. I find its much better to use a thin paint and have to do two coats when you first get started. You want your paint to be the consistency of milk when you use the airbrush.

    Vallejo makes paints specifically for an airbrush which are already diluted and I love using those paints.