Friday, February 4, 2011

All my friends love a lowrider: Part 1

One of my older works, a Medusa conversion - lowrider style. I really went for an old school bombard type of look with this particular piece and here are the first portions of the conversion.

Our humble Lowrider Medusa begins life as a lowly Basilisk kit. Starting with the positioning of the sides, I used 1/4 inch square plastisctuct rods instead of the normal wheels to separate the hull portions. This gives us a slimmer profile that will really help tie in the conversion once the tracks are done. Additionally the back section of the tank was cut out for additional room. I then used plastistruct thin sheeting in long strips to cover the gap between the two sides of the hull. In this picture you can see two of the rods I used to space the hull plates as well as the gap covering flat sheets:

The side floatation bladders were left in place and I put the lower rider tracks into position carving out the placement of each road wheel and then running the tracks one section at a time. Cutting each wheel takes time and must be done carefully, but it is made easier by using the small circles that already exist on those portions of the tank. The small road wheels fit precisely over the top of these parts:

Which if done correctly using the existing 'landmarks' on the tank hull, will yield this result:

The cannon came from spare bits from a stormsword, you can usually find this cannon on ebay for less than $10 dollars. With a few modifications it will fit directly into the earthshaker platform thusly:

I then shaved off the breach from the Earthshaker cannon to give our Medusa cannon a proper enclosure for the back of the cannon.

Next time ill get into bringing the rest of the Lowrider Medusa together and putting the finishing touches on this great conversion.



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  1. Thanks for posting this... I dig really cool conversions and this one still sticks in my mind.