Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Fist Full of Bitz: Sly Marbo

Got bored; not good in a house full of bits. SO I remembered a blogger waxing on eloquently about Sly Marbo (you know Marbo is really just the letters from 'Rambo' scrambled up, right? Huzzah for original thought!) and if he was worth the points, and I was thinking about making a Stormtrooper / Veteran squad...

The basic concept is I can use this guy as Marbo OR a standard Stormtrooper / Hardened Veteran. The demo charge is the satchel in his left hand, all I did was cut the antenna from a Catachan radio pack and attach it to his hand with one of those handhold things from the Russ kit. The legs are Marine Scout legs and the Carapace armour was left over from a Cadian Command box set. The night vision goggles are from cutting one of the sets of Binoculars in half and mounting them to the helmet and also drilling in one small piece of plastistruct rod for that extra special 'Borg Effect'...

Backpack is one of those old catachan backpacks I had laying about with some rope from the Marine Scout accessories.

The Lasgun is the short carbine model with the collapsable stock from the tank commander sprue with a marine scout gun light on the bottom, a scope on the top and the end of the barrel was cut off and the supressor is plain plastruct rod. The base is Dragon Forge Design, I love Jeff's stuff and will pimp his quality products anytime I get a chance!

Anyway, will get to painting him shortly, I think he makes a good stand in for a Marbo mini with the short pattern lasgun and demo charge / radio... I will easily be able to use him as part of a Stormtrooper / Veteran squad as I want or simply pull him out for some good old fashion demo charge fun.


  1. mmmmm....

    needs more red bandanna

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  3. I like! I've "Cadianized" a version of Harker for my army, and have been thinking about how to do the same for Marbo. The current model I'm using was just a slightly modified Catachan, but you have some great inspiration there for a much more "aligned" commando badass who pops up outta nowhere and demo charges himself. :) (At least that happens to me all to often when I get him in play!)