Saturday, February 12, 2011

All my friends love a lowrider: Part 2

In part one we looked at the positioning of the tracks, construction of the Medusa cannon and the modifications required for the hull. In part two we bring those elements together and begin adding the small pieces that will make this into one 'cohearant' project.

Using an extra plate that was lying around from another Chimera kit we reinforce the front end while adding one half of the fuel barrel to each side to close up the hole where the skull and wings plate would normally go. Adding the three small rungs to each side really helps to bring out the character of the tank:

Moving around to the back, a old dozer blade from a Russ kit is used to act as a spade to dissipate the recoil of the gigantic main gun:

Now that the main portions of the tank are in place and ready to go its time to move onto the crew, modifying 20 year old metal guardsmen is not my favorite pass time, but in this case its necessary to get the tank just right. So we start with one of the metal mortar teams and position one of our crew members to look like his arms are resting on the rails:

A sharp eye will notice the small modification of the ammo rack next to our hearing impaired young guardsman. The ammo was made using some of the extra small road wheels with green stuff molded on top and some of the plastistuct strips glued in to make the 'crate' around them:

On the front I moved the heavy bolter out of its normal position to make room for some future storage and I modified an old heavy bolter to fit into the front cupola with an extra rough rider torso to fit it:

One more crew member to go and a bit more work to do in getting the conversion completed and ready for paint.



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