Friday, February 11, 2011

Deep Thoughts: Whither to Blog?

In all the realm of geekdom you have two vastly different choices with which to bestow your infinite knowledge for all to absorb on this crazy ship we affectionately refer to as ‘teh interwebz’ (as founded by the great ‘Goracle’ many moons prior to our arrival on this plane of existence). You can join with the masses and frequent a web forum, which will provide ample opportunity for you to present your work and have it critiqued by all knowing demigods of geekery, who will no doubt shower you with such mind blowing offers of superior intellect as, "Sweet! Awesome! OMG, that is so great I just crapped my pants! U r teh Uber Sumo!" Or you can choose a blog, which probably won’t reward you with comments or critiques on a consistent basis but will give you free reign for the unfettered release of your creative juices all over the unsuspecting masses.

Take for instance this post, put it on most web forums and flames will erupt as people on both sides of the issue rush to man the parapets and defend their viewpoint from the rushing hordes of differing opinion. Torches will be lit, pitchforks sharpened and trolls will slobber all over themselves in anticipation of the coming bloodshed. In fact, If you post ‘my favorite color is blue’ on a few forums, who will remain nameless to protect the innocent, and you will undoubtedly get some well meaning individual who attempts to convince you that your favorite color is not, in fact, blue.

People who start blogs are largely different in several areas, like pioneers of old they are unafraid to blaze their own trail through the interwebz without a care in the world for the sensibilities or feelings of others. With creativity and a zeal for running against collective wisdom they blaze a trail fueled by the envy of others too meek to strike out on their own. But trying your hand at a blog is no easy task, you must be able to accomplish a few basic tasks, sorry – your blurry camera phone pics won’t cut it in the blog world (no matter how bright the colors are you used), your ‘L337 Sk1llz’ will not ‘Pwn’ anyone here and you better know how to use punctuation above a 5th grade level. Crazy requirements I know, asking that someone actually put up a picture that couldn't be super imposed into a Domino's pizza commercial as their latest 'deep dish variety' and then asking - 'so what do you guys think I could improve on?' Pictures, for one.

‘Oh great swami’, I hear you ask, ‘where doth flow your spring of enlightenment in such heady subjects?’

Because I have posted on my blog for a complete week, which makes me an internetz expert, duh!


  1. Interesting thoughts.

    I, for my part, experience blogging as a different experience to forum participation because of the kind of content that generates attention.

    On a forum, some quick thoughts are enough to ignite a conversation, giving you instant feedback and gratification. On my youg little blog, I tend to have the feeling that I have to deliver quality content in order to gather something like a regular reader and commenter base... one day. Like, long-term.
    Not that I feel like I've delivered something of this kind yet. I guess that at the moment, I'm making kind of a transition: Delivering parallel content to the forums I'm participating in, as a means to get a solid foundation for the kind of blog I'd like to have in the future. When I have more time, experience, and inspiration of delivering something really worth a read. At this point, it shouldn't be me first post. Because I'd feel like this one would disappear into nothingness if it's not backed up by some months of blogging progress. Also, there's things like popular blogrolls which require some months of regular blogging to join... and generate more attention in return.

    Also, in my experience, people are very selective in terms of which blogs they actively follow and comment on, while in a forum environment, it's easy to browse some topics and quickly comment out of boredom. Most "followers" people's blogs get in the beginning, are, to my mind, friendly turns. People you know from forums, chats, buddies of yours- they'll click that follow button, feel like they've done you a favor, and never give it a thought again. Besides expecting you to do the same, maybe. It may sound sad, but there's no bad intention begind that, and nobody to fault than yourself for not delivering anything groundbreaking... yet.

    Just some random thoughts of mine.

  2. I bow down and put on sunglasses in your presence... you are great... you are wonderful... blather blather blather...

    Are you still there ?


  3. I am here, not there, if I were there I could not be here and tying this - clearly.

    Ithmaril is right, I must deliver ground breaking rants in order to marshal my forces for war. This I shall do by addressing the difficulties in finding comfortable, while still practical, chairs for sitting.

    Prepare to be amazed.

  4. More cowbell for my centurions! No rest for the wicked!