Saturday, February 26, 2011

All my friends love a lowrider: Part 4 - Complete!

Well, the clear coat is drying now and here are a couple of shots I took outside while she bakes in the evening sun:
The back:
And the front left:
Overall im very happy with how she came out, chopping the tracks and building it as a low rider really helped with the cannon, I don’t think it would have looked as good without the external tracks. Adding the crew gives it personality and I think I added just enough things to make it an interesting model.

Now my only worry is building another one so I can field a squadron of two, ill use my Armadeggon Pattern Basilisk as a proxy until I get the second built. I hope you found some interesting ideas for a conversion of your own in here!

Looking Forward to the next build,




  1. I really like the Pintle heavy bolte mount. It reminds me of the M113 ACAV vehicles used in Vietnam and the new mounts they are using on Humvees in the Middle east. I may have to steal this idea at a later date.


  2. great kitbash. I like the tracks. where are those from?

  3. @ Mike, thanks! They are the tracks that come with the kit, just used in a completely different way.

  4. Looks great! Good work. While I personally don't like making vehicle crews, these do help with the look of the piece.

  5. Cracking job, dude!

    Shame the pics aren't clickable...I'd love to see more detail.

  6. Sorry Drax, ill fix that for future posts!