Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fear is the Mind Killer

I'd like to begin my blogging endeavours with thanking Tallarn for the trust to write in his space. I'm not the caliber of painter, gamer, or writer that he is but I try and he understands that about me.

Fear has stopped me from writing on occasion. Why? Criticism. I often take things waaaay to personally in real life and that bleeds over into the internet as well. I have to remember that I will be harsher on myself then anybody can ever be and not to worry so much. We all have to go with it most of the time. Our hobby almost demands it as a prerequisite!

I'd like to share with you a 'one off' piece I've been painting in my spare time over the last month. With everything it has to begin with a good model and the Warp Wolf Stalker from the Hordes range is outstanding in my opinion. From the very first time I saw the model in previews I knew, actually knew, I was going to get this model just to paint. Another first for me since I have this thing about 'power armor'.

The base isn't done because I want to write a quick tutorial on how to do bases since I think basing is also part of our hobby. People, even when they paint well, tend to let this last step go by the wayside.

I've named him 'The Great Wolf Nigel Humperdink'.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the pictures!



  1. I do like it, nice to see you out of your power armor comfort zone and doing some flesh.

    I look forward to the base!

  2. Again, best model you've done by far.