Sunday, February 27, 2011

Painting: Alternative to brushes

I got an idea from washing dishes the other day, I decided to try using a sponge to make a wet pallet / tank brush for blending large edges...

I dabbed some black on a wet sponge and gradually worked the gradient from light to dark with about 3 coats across the entire blade edge:

once I got the black how I wanted it, I used the same idea to get the silver edges on where the paint had been scrapped away by moving rocks and other debris

I like the odd shape of the sponge because it gives you a couple better angels and edges for getting into tight spots. and if you make a mistake you just flip the sponge and use a wet side with no paint on it to clean up the blending.

And where did a Desert Rat find to place this siege shield? Well on a possessed ghost Vindicator of dewm, of course!

Hope this helps out some fellow 'tread heads' out there with creating uniform effects across long areas.



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  1. That's a particularly helpful tip about reversing the sponge. I'm a big fan of sponge use, but never considered that ingeniously straightforward trick. Tip Tip! Cheers.