Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sentinels: Yard Sale Dealing

Alrighty, so when you go to a garage sale and you see a bunch of silly collectible cookie tins - look inside! For 5 bucks I got a Christmas edition M & M’s tin and everything inside; like 5 IG Sentinels perhaps? Oh yes, 5 sentinels. They might not be in the best condition, but there will be at least a full squadron of 3 salvaged from this poor old woman’s messy garage! And we may as well go over paint stripping while we are doing this, cause there is a lot to do:

2 Lascannons, 1 Multilaser, 1 Heavy Bolter and 1 Multimelta. Ill find another Lascannon around here somewhere and make it three Armageddon Pattern Sentinels as three of the Sentinels have the up-armoured package already.

Here are my tools assembled for the job of stripping the paint:

Drop the stuff into the bath of acetone free nail polish remover and let them soak for 5 mins or so, to loosen up the paint and the glue. Now, note that I said 'Acetone FREE Nail Polish Remover', if you use regular nail polish with acetone in it - your precious mini's will melt. Yes, acetone eats plastic and reduces it to a pile of goo, not really our intended effect. So acetone FREE nail polisher remover it is. These particular kits have both metal and plastic parts to it was important to have one solvent to strip the paint and break up the super glue, which typical paint remover concoction's I have heard of like Simple Green and Brake fluid wont do...

After a healthy scrubbing: Do not forget to wear some eye protection, acetone free nail polish remove will eat your eyes for breakfast, and do your scrubbing in a well ventilated place, like your garage with the door open.

Here is the first water rinse in another container, then it was onto another scrubbing and rinsing cycle, but you don't need to see those pics again; do you?

After two scrub and rinse cycles the mini's are all stripped and ready for priming. The metal parts are clean and shinny again and the plastic parts have the heavy layers of paint removed, I counted 3 layers of paint as I worked through it, with most of the minor details back out of their painty graves.

And with that another project is started lots of labor and work involved in getting them to this point, but for 5 bucks at a yard sale and another 5 bucks in paint stripping, a huge savings is afoot indeed.




  1. Good article. I also find that Dawn Power Dissolve works well for stripping.

  2. Dawn Power Disolve, I may need to try that. I have seen Simple Green, but not a dish soap - thanks for the tip!