Thursday, March 31, 2011

Editorial: Wolves in Angels Armour

There is a lot of 'hub-bubb' on the net about count-as armies, tournament lists, whatever. Kirby on 3++ stole my thunder because he articulated how I feel about my marines but in his case it's about Orks. Vile green fungus among-us... :P He's not a follower so I'm safe in my corner for now.

For me it's about passion. Passion for family, passion for country, and passion about our hobby. We all view our hobby in a different way. The rules may stay the same but we are each different. In saying that though, if its between skill and passion, I'll take passion every time. I lose a lot but keep coming back for more. Something about school of hard knocks and a lumpy head... at least that's what my wife tells me!

Dark Angels have always held a special place in  the hobby for me since we share some similarities. I have committed wrongs in my past and haven't forgiven myself for them. The Dark Angels, in my opinion, are truly noble in the idea that they want to right the wrongs of their past but have set the achievement of that is high that it is nigh impossible. Nobody will ever be harder on myself then me.

The Space Wolves appeal to me in a different way. To be a Space Wolf in the 41st Millennium you get to go out and kick ass, come back and drink, and then brawl with your brothers! It reminds me of my days in the infantry. I also have a fondness for the color grey.

Seriously though, the series of Ragnar Blackmane, specifically about the Wolf Blades, showed us in the fluff that there can be more then reverent monks, corrupted but noble angels, hide in my cell between fights crusaders, or parade ground marines. It showed us a marine that was clean, articulate, and absolutely a wolf in heart and soul. I'm speaking of Torin the Wayfarer.

One bit of background I find particularly interesting is about the Wolf and Lion. The two primarchs fought and ended in a grudge between them. The chapters now have their champions fight it out for honor sakes over the matter when they meet. Russ and El'Johnson were rivals and I think it drove them to greater feats in battle for the Imperium of Man. I also think that their kinship was lost in the past.

Where is all this going? Here...

The Picture is from the Rogue Trader era and dare I say it, used without permission. No challenge is intended. The wolves are all kitted out in camo armour hiding from the Orks. Every moment the enemy is near is one moment they might be detected but we all know they are ready to die for the Imperium without a second thought. If it's time to die then it's time to die.

The picture is merely to illustrate how something can inspire my passion for our hobby. A word here, a picture there, an idea forms and then you have a tournament list or a newly kit bashed model.

At one point someone envisioned marines from a chapter coloring their armour to blend in with the surroundings. Why? So they can be better killers for the Emperor. Try this now with someone who is opposed to 'non standard paint schemes' or 'count-as armies' (I call them purists.) and you might get a snoot-full!

I also classify some of our hobbyists as generalists and specialists but that whole thought is for another day.

Anyway, Kirby on 3++ wants enough Orks to play any army rule set presented. I too want this. In the grim darkness of the future there is only more! Kirby is more competitive then I am and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm more of a guy interested in many facets of our hobby. I had a bad experience in a RTT years ago and am leery to go to a large tournament again but the NOVA Open is very appealing.

I put  white Dark Angel icons with a field of green on grey marines. It's a mixture of Dark Angels and Space Wolves to me. It's not about playing the flavor of the day. It's not about 'tricking' my opponent. It's not about being 'cheap'. It's about passion for the color grey, a winged sword, and 'beakie' heads! Terminators, veterans, guys with lighting claws 'counting as wolfen', and a Captain named Kellen who hates the Tyranids is just part of the madness I call my hobby. It could be my mind or the corner since I am easily confused.

However... negatively...

... the next time one of you purists meets up with someone who is of a differing mindset then you, use your imagination and cut them some slack and the next time one of you fluff bunnies runs into a person specializing in lists and tournaments do the same thing. There is enough room for everyone around here.

I'll be in the corner...



  1. good thoughts. i have currently experienced something of an epiphany whist trying to justify my new army of robots and chain-halberd wielding marines (counting as grey knights, of course). i realised that i dont need to justify it. to anyone. to me, its an awesome idea, and it gives me an opportunity to do what i love - scratchbuilding. who cares if it doesnt fit established fluff, i can make stuff up, or just say 'i dont know, i just thought it looked cool!'

  2. Its all about balance and fun to me. Playing orks with IG rules is not only funny, but interesting as well. With an entire universe for a canvas there us plenty of room to color outside of the lines.

    Heck, you and I discussed all the ways to build the 'wolf wing' lists in the time between the Dark Angel codex udate and the release of the Space Wolves codex. It made sense then and it still does now.

    I am now going to make an ork army with Black Tamplars rules, just because I can.

  3. @ Tallarn - Call them 'Da Black Tempahs'!

    @ Atreides - I'm right there with you. Thank you for the reply - CK

  4. @Tallarn - Orks who want to be Black Templars are a long-standing Thing with me. Still haven't done bog-all with the idea, but the thought of using the BT Codex makes the project slightly more appealing (less painting up of generic Boyz that don't fit the theme, and more building cool Black Orc based conversions: sounds like a plan to me).