Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspiration: Idea Gallery Updates

Whilst scouring the web for pictures of Armorcast Baneblades I came across a gem of a thread with some awesome ideas from way back in 2007. The intricate details and the use of bits on these is outstanding and as somewhat of a self described 'tread head' and 'conversion addict' I can appreciate the ingenuity that created these beauties. Again, these aren't mine but I thought I should share.


Note the extra armor, the shield around the drivers vision port and the use of sentinel legs for the flamer barrels.


Note the superb eagle and scroll on the side of the turret and the use of the gun shields to tie in the autocannons.


Check out the drums of ammo on the heavy bolter sponsons, double track construction and the upside down dozer blades for mud guards.

I hope some of you have found something in these three pictures to try on your own. I know ill be working on some heavy bolters with those drum magazines.

Here is a link to my idea gallery where you can see more Inspirational conversions.




  1. wouldn't want to reload those vanquishers heavy bolters...

  2. @ COTBT: No kidding! I am sure they have some rookies to do it...

    I think this is one of those rare times when form is more important than function. They really do look quite nice!

  3. I'm pretty sure the hvy bolters are from the SoB Immolator. And the old dozers work great for track guards on super heavies (I wish I still had some).

  4. Sweet! I love converting vehicles!