Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Fist Full of Bitz: First Five GTG

The first five of my Hardened Veterans are done, two melta guneners and three lasgun troopers, as well as the Veteran / Marbo / Vox / Democharge / Swiss Army knife guy. Legs are Space Marine scouts, torsos / arms / heads are Cadian and the weapons are carbine lasguns from the tank accessory sprue. I think they look sufficiently like a motley crew of veterans:

The lack luster photographs are due in most part to poor lighting here, after moving cross coutry 5 months previous I still haven't unpacked everything for taking quality pictures. Because I also wanted to have these guys available for Kill Team games I have added a few accessories like the dog between the legs of the middle laggun trooper and the auspex on the other trooper.

A close up of the veteran with auspex, he uses the tank sprue short patter lasgun with collapsible stock, suppressor, scope and night vision on his helmet with a rebreater in place as well:

The suppressor is simply plastiscruct rod connected with a pin made from a paperclip. The hand was repositioned by removing it and pinning it in place. The base is Dragon Forge, I love the weight that comes from the resin bases on all plastic troops, I find it helps keep them stable on the board. That, and it looks better than anything I have cranked out recently!

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