Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hobby: Color Selection Help

Meet Shamus and Angus, the two names I was not allowed to give my first born son, the Squad leader and Platoon Leader of my newly levied Veteran Platoon. On the left is Shamus; the dapper looking Sergeant that has a drinking habit, not a drinking problem mind you, as you can clearly see by the leather bota bag in his left hand. And Angus, the equally dapper Platoon Leader with the bolt gun and faith that his cloth shirt, and refractor field generator, will save him from harm. Obviously years of combat have rendered their thick skulls impervious to enemy weapons as both have decided to leave their helmets safely attached to their belts. Both of them are sporting their combat kilts from Victoria Lamb's fall line of battlefield accessories.

Now that you have met our two intrepid adventureres here is the small problem, what to paint the bolter and gigantically ridiculous sword? Normally I would go with red for these two items as all of my bolters are red, its a long story, but in this case I don't know if a gigantic red sword would be the best way to go. Now of course that is the sheath for the sword and could be some sort of gigantic ceremonial cow splitter, but who knows when men with kilts and Brodie helmets take to the field. So I ask the dear members of the blog-u-verse, what color should I paint the bolter and sword to tie it together?

As for the rest of the squad here they are, and because Drax asked for it - clicking the image will give you the high resolution picture:

Total squad is six lasgun troopers, three melta gunners and Sergeant. HQ is Platoon leader, three flamers and a vox/medic/drummer dude.

Bayonets fixed, kilts pressed, sporn polished and Brodie's on: these lads are going to war.

But what to do about that bolter and sword?




  1. I would suggest the brown/khaki color. It is a safe choice, and it keep matches everyone else.

    However, if you wanted to be bold, go with blue. Necron Abyss blue. I just have a thing for blue. You could even paint up those kilts with Necron Abyss plaid. ;)

  2. Kilts! I was wondering when we would get a picture of your 'bitz in action'.

    For those of you reading this, Tallarn and I are friends on opposite sides of the United States and we frequently exchange bitz with each other. Many times its nothing more than an idea from one of us and the other will send some bitz by mail to get each other motivated and... it's what friends do for each other.

    In the bigger scheme of things we are paying it forward but that might be a bit heavy for light readers.

    Anyway, Tallarn has sent me some of the 'heads' from the kit the kilts came in so I can try them out on scouts. I've been struggling with model or kit-bash that I like.

    Back on topic I suggest blue to compliment your 'Raiders'. Captain Castus will be proud! :P

    I'll be in the corner building little tanks called terminators...


  3. Blue will deffinately fit in for the sword, but I dont know about the bolter in blue, I guess i'll have to try it out!

  4. I'd say it depends enttirely what tartan you're going for, then choose a compliment / analog for a promenant colour in the kilt.

  5. actually, a bronze colour might work equally well, at least on the casing.
    Guardsmen dont normally carry bolters, so having this one look like a family heirloom, something dear to the scots as it is, might work well...

    Something not too bright, but "worn" if you get my meaning. Beaten-looking...

  6. @ Karitas: The Tartan will be blue / green on black background. I know the 'black watch' is super overdone by everyone at this point, but I think it will give the best overall look to them.

    @ Japehlio: I hadn't thought of that, an excellent suggestion, perhaps make them look like heirlooms kinda like the vostroyans. You have a good recipe for the bronze masks you use on your blood angels?

  7. sure: it was dwarf bronze, dwarf bronze/shining mix, shining, shining/burnished mix. a few sepia washes to tie it all together... Least, thats how I remember doing it...