Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Observation: Sisters of Battle Rumors

It has been a wild few weeks and now that the dust has settled a bit; let’s take a look at these Sisters of Battle rumors shall we? So around three of four days before the end of March, right before April fool’s day, a few pages of a supposed ‘play test’ Sisters of Battle codex reared their ugly head on the interwebz. Some interesting stuff in there, with some hand written notes similar to previous leaked play test codex appearances, not the least of which was some stats on the sisters and the addition of a new plastic kit, the Repressor.

Natfka has copies of the pages and other information, after the jump here.

Sometime after these pages emerged on the interwebz a fellow came forward and declared that he had in fact produced the supposedly scanned pictures as an April fool’s joke. He even produced some screen shots of his own to prove that he had made them. However, the screen shots he produced contained some inconsistencies of their own in comparison to the ‘originals’ that surfaced prior to his claim. Most people agree at this point that his assertions were simply an attempt to gain notoriety for himself.

So that leaves us back where we started with the original pages that you can find at the link above or on any number of other sites. For anyone who doesn’t know, Natfka does a great job with rumors and the like, pretty reliable source as far as these things go.

So a couple of thoughts on the pages:

Arbites with WS of 4 and a BS of 3 - Interesting. The bit of fluff explains how an unaugmented human can possess the weapon skills of a Space Marine - its special training they receive for fighting in close quarters and tracking down the heinous enemies of the Imperium. Suppression shield seems to be a bit much to me, probably 15-20 points if it can even be trusted. Giving them a Marine armor save and an invulnerable in close combat is a bit over the top to me, but who knows…

Getting the Sisters out of the Inquisition and back into the Ecclesiarchy is a solid step in the right direction - the ‘church’ is precisely where they should be and not running around cavorting with Inquisitors.

The repressor. I really do hope this is true, a great model from Forgeworld that is full of possibilities for use all over the place. My only regret is that by taking the Sisters away from the Inquisition, which I think is wonderful, it also means I probably won’t be able to figure out how to fudge the fluff enough to get one in my army! The idea of six firing slots and one from the top hatch whiles riding in a rhino is excellent and would increase the survivability of the Sisters and the Arbites on the battlefield, basically giving them mobile bunkers to fight from.

So there you have it: Leaks, Lies and Photoshop.




  1. Having used the Repressor several times (and in numbers alongside Immos) I can honestly say they're great tanks. I wish they had Chimera front armor, but oh well. Having another heavy flamer is huge, and that coupled with six girls firing out the top makes it a decent pillbox.

    Arbitrator squads would be pretty cool, though. Shame if the whole thing's a lie...

  2. Time will tell if its all a lie, but im leaning towards it being true. I would love to see the Repressor in plastic, I think its a great kit and the plastic Arbites (because you can't have everyone trying to get the old metal ones off ebay now can you?) will open up a huge amount of options for IG army conversions.

    I think its a great bit of news, if its true...

  3. I hope the new Sisters Codex rumours are true. I have been collecting them for years and finally have enough to field a good sized army.

    The plastic Repressor, Plastic Arbites and Plastic Sisters would just be gravy to the Codex.