Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sentinels: Custom Bases Part Deux!

Now that the molds for the bases have dried it is time to test them out. I am so glad I decided to experiment on the Sentinel Bases before deciding to try and rebase the entire army: lots of learning going on here. So I cast the first of the bases today, mixing the resin is a simple 1 part ‘A’ and one part ‘B’ process. Pour equal parts of each, the kit comes with measuring cups, into a plastic cup, mix for 30 seconds and pour into the molds:

Here is a shot of the resin reacting and hardening, when you pour it in its brown and then changes to white:

Close up of one reacting, total time is about 5 mins from pouring it to pulling it out:

Here are the four bases which will be getting a dremmel on the edges and then sandpaper on the bottom tomorrow morning:

First casts are always the worst, cause you don’t know exactly how much resin mix you need. So on those you almost always end up over pouring. Or you can always have an extra cast or two handy to use the extra resin on, thanks for the suggestion on that as well guys! When you pour, start in a corner and let the resin flow across the mold, you only have a very few seconds (about 60 before the white starts popping up) to get the resin in, and you cant vibrate the mold to get out the air bubbles; you you gotta be fast and precise!

I learned that I didn’t seal the sand in there well enough; you can see where some sand got stuck in the molds and then transferred onto the bases. Ill get that out tomorrow with a wire brush… Overall I'm happy, but as I said before, I won't be using the rubber mold on the trooper bases, I will pay the extra money and go with silicone (as suggested - thanks guys) but that's if I even try them, after this I may just buy them all!



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