Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hardened Veterans: House Escher Part 3

The majority of the girls were finished this week, last thing will be to do a mass production of the canteen/knife belts as seen last week. That won’t take long. But right now I have been at it for too long, and I just found 3 more primered Escher Gangers in a box, so im making small mistakes and decided to let them sit. There is a Demolisher and a Valkyrie that need completing in time for the local gaming convention in August, and at the rate I get things done ill need all the time I can get.

Now before I forget, here is the ‘recipe’ I used for the canteens and backpacks all done with Vallejo paints:

Base Color: Charred Brown
First Highlight: Dark Fleshtone
Second Highlight: Beasty Brown
Third Highlight: Cobra Leather
Fourth Highlight: Desert Yellow

First Wash: Desert Yellow and Water 3:1 mix
Second Wash: Dark Fleshtone and Water 5:1 Mix
Final Wash: Black and Water 9:1 Mix

And the Last Highlight after all the washes:

Cobra Leather

After all this work I got the results I wanted, you can see the results on the canteen and knife from my last update.

Now for the two I took pictures of today, shotgun and cowboy hat:

I particularly like the backpack on the cowgirl, I don’t remember what mini its from, it was sitting in the parts bin!

The hat came out pretty well even if it is my first attempt at a green stuff hat. Ill have to redo all the bases eventually, right now im just getting the concept done before I just to another great idea... like kilts!

still practicing_


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