Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Collection: Unreleased Tallarn Sniper

Games Workshop produces hundreds of new model each year, from entire new army lines to limited edition castings like the Sergeant Centurius they did for the 100th store opening, so its reasonable to think that some of them never see the light of day. Apparently this is one of those minis.

Front of the base reads "Guard"

Over at Collecting Citadel Miniatures they have a picture of this mini in their 'unreleased' section but no additional information about it, other than the picture. The Stuff of Legends has alot of GW stuff, but after searching through their archives I came up with nothing on the mini. The style of the robes, the knives, canteens and the print at the bottom of the mini all point to GW, but the back story on how many of these guys were made and how some of them got to see the light of day is a mystery.

Back of the base reads "GW 94"

I really like the scope on this mini, very similar to the Vindicare Assassin, cant be too much of a stretch because they came out around the same time.Given the canteen style, the knife on the back and the other obviously Tallarn-esque characteristics of this mini, its safe to confirm that it is indeed an ‘unreleased Tallarn sniper’.

Its an awesome mini to have in my collection, and in 5 years of watching on ebay I have only seen one ever come up for sale. If anyone has any information on the back story of this mini I would love to hear it. Soon this sniper will get its paint and base to take its place in my gunline.

still practicing_



  1. I love the old style GW stuff, great find mate. No info though sorry =/

  2. it is defo an exitus rifle, but it seems to be missing the end of the barrel. i do wonder if this is a very good conversion job, but it could be along the same lines as the female commissar and catachan female with GL. pity it was never released though.

  3. The female Commissar was given out at a Gamesday if im not mistaken, I remember buying the female catachan grenade launcher in a blister pack and mailing them to friends overseas.

    This one appears to be part of a pre-production run that never saw the light of day, information on it is very limited. But everything on it, from the sculpting to the softness of the metal to the lettering on the base point to it being a GW mini.