Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Game Time: SPOCON army list progress

When I put together my list for SPOCON, the annual local geekery convention with 40k tournament thrown in, I thought the majority of my army was done. What a horribly wrong assumption that turned out to be! After reviewing my army list and laying out the mini's I came to the dramatic realization that I have a bunch of work to do in order to get this force ready to my standards prior to the tournament in a month.

Here is the list I'm going with and the accompanying commentary about its state of readiness:

Company Command Squad, 3x Plasma Gun, Medic, Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer

Status: I have always used old 1990's stormtroopers, you know the ones with berets, for years as my command HQ and have always used 'counts as' for the special weapons. So yesterday I picked up the final two plasma gunners I will need to finally make them 'what you see is what you get', I anticipate they will be heading across the Atlantic in the next few days so I can get them painted and based with the rest of the squad.

Company Command Squad, 4x Meltagun, Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer

Status: I have a box of about 100 extra old desert raiders, so I found the 4x melta gunners and primed them yesterday, previously I had been pulling them from squads all over the place and while they were painted, they didn't match. Now they will all match and be in a coherent color scheme.

Platoon Command Squad, 4x Flamers

Status: Spent a few hours yesterday converting 3 more lasgunners into flamers. They will get primed today after sitting all night to let the green stuff cure.

3x Infantry Squad, Melta Guns

Status: Two squads painted and based, last squad needs touch ups and based.

2x Fire Support Squad, Autocannons

Status: Custom made bases are done and almost painted, guns are coming together and need to complete crews, this will be the most difficult portion to complete on time, a bit of work to do here to get it all together!

2x Hardened Veteran Squads, 3x Meltaguns, Valkyrie, Multilaser, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Status: One squad done, second squad needs touch ups and tartans added to kilts, should take too long to get completed. One Valkyrie is complete the other is assembled and painted but needs final detailing and base done.

Hellhound, Hull Multi-Melta

Status: Complete

2x Leman Russ Demolisher, Hull Heavy Flamer

Status: One demolisher is complete, the other is on the work bench, hull and highlights complete, need to start detailing and adding parts.

2x Hydra Flak Tanks in Squadron

Status: Complete

As you can see, what I thought was a fairly complete list turned out to be 'no so complete', I do admit that I could put stuff together and get the army ready in a few days if I had to, but it wouldn't be to the standard I like. So I have laid out a plan for getting everything completed by the tournament in August. If I have time I would also like to get a destroyed tank template done as well, but with everything that needs done, that will be a bridge too far I'm afraid!

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  1. You are going to SPOCON and I'm thinking... 'Ard boyz or NOVA...

    Death Hammer is inspiring...


  2. at least yours will all fit in a relatively small box!