Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Minute History: Adeptus Mechanicus Magos

The Adeptus Mechanicus Magos was only produced by Games Workshop as a miniature once, as part of the Skulz program. The Skuls program was published in White Dwarf 245 in June of 2000 and ran for just over two years before being canceled. The Magos miniature was only available as part of a set of Adeptus Mechanicus miniatures totaling 9 miniatures. While exact an number of how many were produced is not publicly available, these sets of miniatures consistently sell for over $200 dollars on eBay.

Photo from Stuff of Legends (tons of pics at the link!)

The magos miniature was sculpted by the combined efforts of the Perry twins (Michael and Alan Perry) who worked free lance for Games Workshop since 1978 before officially joining the company in 1980. The Perry twins would go on to be instrumental in all GW designs including their comprehensive work on the Lord of the Rings miniature range. If you look carefully you will find their design influences in most of the Games Workshop products, exposed electrical conduit was a particular favorite of theirs.

A Magos is a high ranking member of the Adeptus Mechanicus and are devoted disciples of the principles associated with the Machine God. These individuals have perfected as well as refined their field of expertise making them masters of a certain discipline. Magos will be centuries old and will have specialized in one of several different fields to include: Alchemys, Biologis, Biologis Neuralis, Explorator, Gladius, Metallurgicus, Ordinatos, Physic, Technicus, Xenologis.

Their dedication has led to them sacrificing great portions of their body in order to emulate that of the sacred form of the machine. After decades of service, a Magos has replaced many of his organs and limbs with superior cybernetic implants. As is fitting with the Cult Mechanicus, these replacement limbs and organs never tire or grow weak with age thus highlighting the greatness of the Machine.

These senior Tech-Priests attend the Machine Altars of the Forge Worlds which contain the sum of knowledge of the Adeptus Mechanicus which in turn represents the will of the Omnissiah.

Next week we will take an in-depth look at the Skulz program that spawned many rare and hard to find items in Games Workshop lore.

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  1. aw man, Im just happy I was able to get some of the skullz stuff when it was out...

    Might be worth noting that instead of the "one token per £10 spent", the manager at the time decided to reel off ten/twenty or more at once.

    When you are quitting your job, what else you gonna do?

  2. I remember fondly the skullz promo - I picjed up a standard bearer, key ring and was saving for the tech priests when it got cancelled.

    I love these 5 minute articles. Where do you find all the info for them?

  3. @ rogue, I get the information from all over, but mostly my hard drive where I have years of information all stored up lol. Mostly I start with one thing and as I do research I find out other things and so on...

    Next week the skulz stuff will be interesting for the guys who never heard of it and the old guys who will remember it. Hard to believe its been 10 years!