Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deep Thoughts: The Road to Geekdom

Royal Assassins, Sorcerer Queens and Ali From Cairo are three names that were burned into my memory at an early age when I first bought my first pack of cards. At the time I didn’t know how to play or what it would all lead to, but there I was buying my first pack of cards with lawn mowing money. Fast forward twenty years and here I am, blogging about sharing that same experience with my children.

My clones outside the local gaming store

Pokemon is a gateway drug, just like 'Magic the Gathering: Arabian Nights' was for me, my oldest has now started Pokemon. They sit at the kitchen table playing with neighborhood kids much the same as I once did. Not really knowing the rules they make up things as they go and occasionally ask for help with things they can’t make up a house rule that everyone can agree on. I have held two gaming sessions for them where we go step by step through the rules and the game, slowly teaching them the rules. One concerned father even came to the house asking me to explain the game to him so he could converse with his children about it.

my main army 4 years ago...
My father was never involved in anything like role playing, tabletop wargaming or card flipping, in fact he still thinks it is slightly odd that I play even to this day. Other people moved on to newer and even more expensive hobbies like fly fishing or motorcycles but I never grew out of mine. Will my kids end up playing tabletop games like their old man? Who knows for sure, but I have copies of Space Hulk and Necromunda waiting if one day they ask me about them. But until that day I will be perfectly happy watching and encouraging them to see how far down this road they travel.

still practicing_



  1. Ah, Tallarn, kudos to you for raising the youngins correct like. My own kids have played different games to different degrees over the years. Right now, they've settled on WEG Star Wars d6, and I find myself enjoying them telling me what happened almost as much as what happens in my own sessions of different games.

  2. Thanks LAZ, I figured you would appreciate my card flipping clones!

  3. Clones... :P

    My clone and I are just begining. I figure he'll be a guardsmen/MEQ since he has five tanks in his corner...

    'The Irish Princess' has other things to say about it but... a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, and I'm a man so I gotta do it!

    He has guradsmen to... he likes the sarge with a chainsword and bolt pistol...

    I'll be in the corner...


  4. Featured article on the House of Paincakes, another Coup.

  5. Wow, didn't notice until I saw your message, thanks!