Saturday, August 27, 2011

Modeling: Rust Technique

Hey guys, this is my introduction post, as i've joined the minds behind the scenes. My handle is Skrall, i'm something of an ork addict... in fact at current i have some in the region of 3000 points of orks... and its just the tip of my project iceberg. In the next 3 months i'll be putting up tutorials for modelling as well as reviews of new products (ogre kingdoms mainly, which i suspect isn't going to be the greatest source of interest for this group but who knows).

So first here is one of the 3-4 tutorials on weathering i'm doing. This is salt resist rusting.

Weathering Tutorial 1; Salt weathering.

Firstly, get your model painted to the quality of rust you like, mine seems a little washed out in this light but you'll see i go for a brown/orange rust, a mix of fresh and old rust.

Now paint your model your selected scheme.... in this case, badmoon yellow!

Next up, wash them in warm water and use either a stiff paint brush or old toothbrush to make sure you get shift of all that salt. once you do, it should look like this;

This technique can only be used by using an airbrush, or a spray can (i've done it in the past with red spray for my word bearers)


  1. Thou are not Tallarn! Thou are Skrall the traitor! ;)

  2. These aren't the droids you're looking for...