Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fenrisian Wolves Review

Yesterday after throwing down at the local game store I checked out the new releases for everyone's favorite army, my wolves. While I have no intention of running Thunder Wolves, I have been running a Lone Wolf with two Fenrisian Wolves lately with great success - so I decided to grab a box. Upon getting it home I unpacked the set and found the following sprues:

The first thing you will notice it these things are HUGE (more on that later) and they are each placed into their own area's on the sprues. Each part of the wolves is labeled from 1 to 5 for wolf identification, and A to B for the bodies, C and D for the heads. Here is the left side of wolf 5:

Something I noticed right away was the small dimples on the side, the other side of the wolf has corresponding bumps at each of those potions which creates an interlocking mechanism for the models. No more trying and failing to line things up! Short of making these 'snap together' this is an awesome feature that makes it easy to assemble the entire 5 wolf squad in minutes. The heads have the same features of the bodies, the left side of wolf head 5:

The heads are fully swappable between bodies once assembled and I made a few head swaps between bodies to make them more realistic, for example a lunging wolf is probably going to have its mouth open! Which also brings me to my next point. I have several dogs. In fact when I lived in the desert we had a feral wolf hybrid that adopted our house and would hang out with us (never coming too close of course) and these wolves are very realistic, from the position of the feet and leg movement to the fur and teeth these are very realistic models as anyone who has ever had extended contact with dogs / wolves will soon realize and appreciate.

I put this together almost comically as an action shot of a single wolf going through a movement from right to left. Like I said above, these are excellently done!

No review would be complete without a size comparison to the old Games Workshop wolves released over 15 years ago:

As I said, these are huge models and those are the 40mm (same as a terminator) bases that they come with. In comparison to a marine, a remember that is a higher than standard base on the Rune Priest!

For $25 bucks you get 5 wolves that are of exceptional quality. The assembly is quick and easy with the tab system they added to the heads and bodies. The flash was very well hidden and easy to remove in the underbelly of the wolves where the skin is flat and you don't have to worry about trimming around patches of hair. The poses are all very dynamic and life like, these wolves look like they mean business!

All in all I think GW has done an excellent job on these kits in the assembly, detail and price departments and would recommended these kits to other people looking to add some wolves to their wolves. Next time I think I will discuss some of the ways I have been using them with Lone Wolves to add a little extra punch to my forces.

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  1. I was looking at geting some for my Vampire Counts. I just have to figure out if $50 is too much to spend on what amounts to a throwaway unit.

  2. Great review, I plan on getting some of these as mounts for my hobgoblins, as long as the hobgobs don't look too small!