Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gaming: The Importance of Deployment

Its the deployment that got me, how many times have you said that? As you can see in the picture I had everything bunched up on the right side and nothing in the middle / left sides. My opponent he ran up a landraider and once I dealt with the terminators he had everything over on the far left and I had to slog my way over to him while he shot me up and delayed me. So instead of deploying like this:

As you can see I bunched up and the terrain funneled my vehicles into lanes that restricted their movement, making it quite easy for my opponent to out maneuver me, heck - I gave him half the board with my shoddy deployment!

now look at this way to deploy:

deploying like this gives me at least three full squads that can converge on any portion of the midfield. Once I have his main effort stopped with three squads of grey hunters I will always have two other squads, one of which carries a rune priest, to get into his backfield. The long fangs pop shots all day long and the dreadnought is centrally placed so he can get wherever he is needed.

Sounds simple but its a huge difference in how you deploy and what you can do for the first two turns.

still practicing_


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  1. Interesting post Tallarn!

    G for grey hunters in rhinos and R for razorbacks?
    Definitely I should try a list of this kind.