Monday, July 15, 2013

Banners, Chaplains & Commissions

A few months ago JJ over at "How to lose at 40k" put up an offer, make him a banner for his website and he would paint up a mini in trade. After a few emails back and forth I managed to meet his expectations and create a banner design he was happy with. For my mini I asked for a single Death Company Chaplain is exchange. I have been following JJ and his progress over the last year when he started his blog and I thought that I would at least challenge him a bit with the project. Here is the result:

I am putting this gun into a Death Company squad which will all have custom bases, so I let him know that a plain base was fine.

I specifically wanted a Forgeworld type combi-flamer, scratch built (to challenge him a bit). Not only did he get that part perfectly, he free handed the blood angel symbol on the shoulder.

On the scroll work everything is done with minute attention to detail and all the test runs in clear lines.

All the highlights are thin and well done, this is truly an excellent addition to my budding Death Company and I greatly appreciate all the work that went into it. An excellent trade for my work on his banners, and something that a great many people could have taken advantage of!

Now I am not normally one to pimp for other people but JJ has treated me right, and the photo speak for themselves. I would encourage anyone who might be interested in getting some painting done to go over and check out his rates, hes quite reasonable in comparison to some of the other services out there and the quality is just as good (in my ever so humble opinion). His site is here:

Silver Gargoyle Productions

_still practicing


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