Monday, February 7, 2011

5 Minute History: Titans Part 1

Warhammer 40,000: Rouge Trader, a place beyond space and time. The year is 1988 and Games Workshop has exactly two vehicle models, both of which reside in the Space Marine motorpool – the Rhino and Landraider. Along comes Mike Biasi onto the scene as a talented artist and sculptor, with university level courses under his belt, who produced a 40K scale Titan modeled on the early Games Workshop Plastic and metal Epic models for Adeptus Titanicus. After seeing Mike’s products, the Warhound, Reaver and Baneblade, Games Workshop gives Mike a copyright license to produce 40K scale models of Epic vehicles and Mike named his company Mike Biasi Studios. Word soon got around about these models and Tim DuPertuis began publishing ‘Inquisitor’ magazine that included rules for these new models in it.

Mike Biasi Studios Produced:

Imperial Reaver Titan (pictured above)

Warhound Titan

Eldar Tempest

Eldar Knight

Bane Blade/Shadowsword

Eldar Phantom titan

Mike Biasi Studios Unreleased:

Tyranid Trygon

Stormhammer / Baneblade

Imperial Warlord Titan

After Mike went into production, Nick Tompkins (Epicast) ran across Mike’s models, and made some models of his own. Nick’s approach was simple; as Mike went large with his minis like the Baneblade and Reaver, Nick would go small with Orks and other small vehicles. Nick sent some of his ideas to Games Workshop and he soon had a copyright license, Nick's company is Epicast USA - still in existence today.

Epicast produced for 40K:

Imperial Termite for IG

Ork Bowelburna

Ork Spleenrippa

Ork Gobsmasha

Eldar Falcon

Vindicator/Whirlwind kit

Mork Stomper

Gork Stomper

Marine Drop pod

Imperial Bunker with Eagle

Unreleased Epicast:

Imperial Knight Titan Paladin

Imperial Knight Titan Crusader

Imperial Knight Titan Errant

Eldar Prism Cannon

Eldar Doom Weaver

Ork LungBursta

Next week in Part 2 we will look at the history of Forgeworld and Armorcast.


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  1. I'm a devoted Epic Fan, but I never new this stuff. Great read.