Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Game Time: 1500pts

Small tourney at the LGS this weekend, probably 6-10 players, 3 rounds of 1,500 points. Most of the guys run pretty normal armies except for one Nidzilla (brutal army with multiple T6+, W4+ and SV 2+) and a truck heavy Nobz army. So im not going to design something just to take out the Nids because the 'Mech Wolf" and 'Footslogger IG' will eat my cookies. So im going for a balanced list to try and bring some pain to their front door.

CCS, 3x Plasma Gun, Medic, Chimera
Platoon HQ, 4x Flamer, Chimera, Hull Heavy Flamer
3x Infantry Squad, Melta Guns, Chimeras, Hull Heavy Flamers
Hardened Veterans, 3x Melta Gun, Chimera, Hull Heavy Flamer
Hardened Veterans, 3x Melta Gun (for the Vendetta)

Fast Attack
Heavy Support
2x Leman Russ Demolisher, Hull Heavy Flamer
2x Hydra Flak Tank
1,495 points, no wargear, no frills no gimmicks - just low everyday prices on wholesale pain. I would absolutely love to toss in a Manticore and drop plates like its going out of style, but I think the Hydra's will be more useful against air and ground threats than the Manticore and as I close the distance I don't want those templates cracking MY tanks instead of his.

Need both Demolishers to move with separate elements of the army so I can't squadron them up (does anyone really do this anyway?). Each demolisher will spearhead one conga line of 3x Chimera's to pull bullet magnet / cover duty while I move the infantry up. Das Vendetta can try and pop some backfield heavy support and keep a couple units tied up with the veterans while the wall of steel trundles forward.

Ill let you know how it goes...


  1. What type of footslogger IG armies do you see?

  2. Horde Type blob lists, take 5 squads and blob them up with Veteran Sergeants toting power weapons, command squad with Commissar. Sprinkle in a couple pie plate tossing Leman Russ, gently aggitate with a couple Valkryies / Veterans to grab objectives, bring to a boil, reduce heat and allow to simmer for 8-10 minutes.

    No transports besides the valks, they just rely on the blob being able to absord the casualties and by the time they get to you they still have 5 or 6 power weapons alive.