Monday, August 27, 2012

6th ED: Wolves and Pods

I love drop pods. The lists that I always enjoyed playing in 5th used 3x Drop Pods and would deliver 1x squad with Rune Priest, Wolf Guard and 8x Grey Hunters along side 2x pods full of a Wolf Guard and 9x Grey Hunters. I found this to be hit and miss (because sometimes that 3rd pod just won’t come on!) and while survivable because of its high numbers – it lacked an ability to run up and punch you in the face. In games against armies using long range supporting fire like Tau and Heavy Marine (thunderfire) armies it did very well. But against mobile armies it could struggle because as Mars always tells me ‘Drop Pods are only fast once’ and every once in awhile my guys would find themselves struggling to keep up with faster armies.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Introduction to Casting Part II

First as a 'public service announcement' the original post in this series was done in way back in February (LINKY) sorry I am getting part two up so late, but hey - there was like stuff going on and stuff! Here we have the assembled tools. You will need a container to mix your resin in, this container (red solo cup) must be DISPOSABLE as there will be hard resin left over from the casting in it. I have cut mine like you see in the picture because I can pour easily and maintain better control of the resin by pouring down that flap sticking up. The Popsicle stick is used to mix the two parts of the resin and in the cups you can see the clear and brown portions of the mix.