Monday, December 17, 2012

40k Tactics - List Building

Whether you realize it or not everyone has a checklist. When you get up from the table after eating at a restaurant you check your pockets to make sure you have your keys, your phone and your wallet. Everyone does it even if you don’t realize it; your brain is constantly cycling through checklists. It should come as no real surprise that your army lists usually come out with similar tactics and similar qualities, because your brain is automatically using a checklist on you – even in army list building. So what’s in your checklist and how do you figure it out?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hobby: Priming and Airbrush Trick

Very simple tricks are almost always the most useful. While painting my mini's before I base them I generally place the pins in the feet and then use corks from wine bottles to hold them in. I just find it easier to paint them with the ability to remove them from their 'holder' before I base them. Another benefit to doing it this way is when using an airbrush or priming.

I always use a flat piece of cardboard to spray against when painting, the last thing painted on this one was drop pods as you can still see the outline. I set my wine cork on the cardboard and run a paper clip through like so: